Whether it is an exciting or refined look, lighting can enhance the mood of your event. From a modern wedding setting to an elegant gala, we use advanced lighting technology to transform any space, creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. We offer an array of options shown below that can help to enhance your event, leaving a lasting impression on all of those in attendance.

Full Room Uplighting - St. Nicholas Cathedral Room

Uplighting & Color Wash

The simplest way to transform a space using nothing but color. Narrow beams create areas of visual interest, whereas wider wash effects envelop an entire room in color. Easily bring the wow factor to any event by choosing your desired color scheme and effect.

Linear Tent Draping with Bistro Lighting & Greenery Pole Wraps - Linden Hall

Pattern Wash

Enhance your space with stylish illuminated textures on walls, ceilings, or floors. These textures can be customized to match your style. Simply choose a pattern that you love, and we will take care of the rest.

Bistro Lighting in Studio A - Slate

Twinkle & String (Bistro)

From outdoor weddings to classy ballrooms, our suspended string lighting will create a mesmerizing mood and charming glow for dancing under wrapped trees or a canopy of star-like lights. Suspended string lights will add a magic touch to your event.

Monogram Projection - Pittsburgh Athletic Association

Monogram & Logo

What better way to brand your event than to boldly project your monogram or logo. Hosting a corporate event or wedding? Display your custom monogram or logo in a way that guests will surely remember.

Stage & Dance Floor

Energize your space by adding a light show to your stage or dance floor. When we customize a light show for you, we are creating a fun and memorable experience for all of your guests. After all, you cannot have music without the accompaniment of lights.

Exterior Uplighting + Draping - Valley Brook Country Club

Landscape & Architecture

Add a totally new dimension to buildings and landscaping with colorful outdoor lighting. It’s the perfect way to turn an ordinary space into a remarkable event location. Transforming the outside of your space will give guests a lasting first impression, leaving them in awe of your venue.

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