Color, Pattern, Dimension
Whether it is an exciting or refined look, lighting can enhance the mood of your event. From a modern wedding setting to an elegant gala, we use advanced lighting technology to transform any space, creating the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests. We offer an array of options shown below that can help to enhance your event, leaving a lasting impression on all of those in attendance.

Our Lighting Services

Uplighting + Wall Washing

The simplest way to transform any space with nearly any color, whether with a narrow beam or full wash, this is a lighting solution sure to impress.

Monogram + Texture Lighting

Have your name or logo projected with light, or enhance your space with stylish illuminated textures on walls, ceilings, or floors.

Accent Lighting

Whether highlighting your cake, elegant tablescapes, or any other object, let our lighting schemes feature important areas in your event.

Automated + Effect Lighting

From a modern wedding to an elegant gala, we offer advanced lighting options, enhancing your event with automated lighting effects.

Landscape + Architectural Lighting

Add a totally new dimension to buildings and the outdoors with colorful lighting. It’s the perfect way to turn a simple space into a magical event venue.

String (Bistro/Market) Lighting

From an outdoor wedding to a classy ballroom, let our suspended string lighting create the perfect mood and glow with white or black strings.

Twinkle Lighting

From wrapping trees to dancing under a mesmerizing canopy of tiny lights, we offer endless possibilities for creating a magical atmosphere.

Stage Lighting

From brightening your venue to making your speaker stand out, we offer several choices to bring focus during your event.